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  • LED Connectors
  • Automation Connectors
  • Marine Connectors
  • Hybrid / Electric Vehicle Connectors
  • Water Meter Connectors

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Chogori Technology Co., Ltd offers a wide range of environmentally sealed and rugged connectors designed to provide secure and safe connections in harsh or hostile conditions.  This opens the door for a wide variety of and outdoor applications such as LED (street lighting, display, architectural lighting), Industrial Automation, Marine Electronics, Engineering Machinery, New Energy (solar energy, wind energy, bio energy) and many others which require connectors and cables to be robust, dust-proof and waterproof. We made it possible to simplify your system needs and promote convenience with cost-effective offer and wide array of waterproof connector choices. ...
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CHOGORI Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit

CHOGORI Wins Patent Infringement La...亚博体育app官方下载贴吧

CHOGORI wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Amphenol LTW in China regarding waterproof connecto...

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